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Premier Video-Based Christian Life Coaching Curriculum

Learn from world-class faculty who will help improve your coaching skills,
increase your knowledge, and develop your biblical view of life coaching.

ICCI Courses Are:

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Each ICCI course includes:

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Three Categories of Training Courses to Choose From

Each ICCI Foundation, Model, and Niche course fulfills 10 credit/continuing education (CE) hours toward ICCI Life Coaching credentials.

Click on any of the course offerings below to see more about our Foundational courses and what’s available in the different Models and Niches. Use your training to pursue certification as a fully credentialed life coach.


Foundational coaching courses provide comprehensive training and education on the core skills, competencies, theories, and practices found in the general field of Life Coaching, as well as integrate key biblical principles into the content modules to ensure a true faith-based approach and identity. 


Note: The course, Christian Life Coaching: Building a Foundation for Biblical Integration, is primarily intended for those individuals who are interested in pursuing an ICCI credential and have already completed their education in basic life-coaching concepts and skills, but still need the required training component that specifically integrates biblical principles and content.

Coaching Course MODELS

Coaching Models are specifically designed with a three-course structure consisting of 30 total presentations that incorporate the unique and recognized work, research, and training of leading Christian Life Coaches.

Complete all three courses in any Model, then apply for that Specialization credential.

Coaching Course NICHES

Coaching Niches represent general and broader categories of practice and expertise where life coaches often concentrate their primary work or ministry focus and, therefore, include selections from various Models, as well as other stand-alone course offerings. 

Complete any three courses in a Niche category, then apply for that Specialization credential.


Coaching Mini-Courses offer short, focused training resources (typically 3-5 presentations) on various topics, concepts, and processes within the general field of Christian Life Coaching.

Each Mini-Course provides 3 credit/continuing education (CE) hours toward ICCI Life Coaching credentials.

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