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Within the concepts of the 12-Step recovery model, there are certain gifts that unfold and are brought forth through the “light” of Scripture and other biblical truths. Designed to create a deeper and more meaningful relationship with Christ, these gifts not only offer hope for the trials and obstacles people face, but help facilitate true spiritual transformation, as well as a healthy and more balanced life. 

Session 1: The Gift of Hope: To Overcome and Run with Endurance 

Session 2: The Gift of Power: To Admit and Take Personal Responsibility

Session 3: The Gift of Character: To Prepare and Have Trustful Integrity

Session 4: The Gift of Clarity: To Confess and Break through Denial

Session 5: The Gift of Security: To Rest and Experience God’s Protection

Session 6: The Gift of Abundance: To Forgive and Not Live in Scarcity

Session 7: The Gift of Wisdom: To Understand and Discern God’s Voice

Session 8: The Gift of Self-control: To Receive and Change Orientation

Session 9: The Gift of Courage: To Act and Face Our Struggles

Session 10: The Gift of Happiness: To Rejoice and Live in Joyful Contentment

Session 11: The Gift of Serenity: To Yield and Surrender All Things to God

Session 12: The Gift of Peace: To Connect and Have Real Relationships

Stephen Arterburn

Stephen Arterburn, MEd, is the Founder and Chairman of New Life Ministries, the Founder of Women of Faith conferences (attended by over five million people), and host of the #1 nationally syndicated Christian counseling talk show, “New Life Live,” heard by two million people each weekday on 200 radio stations nationwide. Stephen is also an inductee to the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame and a best-selling author of books such as Every Man’s Battle, Healing Is a Choice, Toxic Faith, Walking Into Walls, and his latest books, the Arterburn Wellness Series, and more. Along with Dr. David Stoop, he edited and produced the award-winning Life Recovery Bible, which is on exhibit at The Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC. See more at www.newlife.com