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Working with couples before they get married can provide considerable benefits to the overall health and success of a marriage. In this course, Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg teach you how to work with couples from the pre-marital stage into the early years of a marriage. Critical issues such as money, intimacy, communication, and life balance are addressed with coaching tips and strategies.

Session 1: Choosing Marriage: Making a Decision for All the Right Reasons

Session 2: The Pre-engagement Questionnaire: Assessing Readiness and Fit

Session 3: Managing Expectations: Creating a Win-Win Marriage

Session 4: Money, Jobs, and Intimacy: Navigating Potential Minefields

Session 5: Practicing Self-care: Committing to a Balanced Life

Session 6: Guarding Your Hearts: Affair and Divorce Proofing the Marriage

Session 7: Making the Transition: From Pre-engagement to Pre-marriage

Session 8: The Dress Rehearsal: Honing Communication and Connection

Session 9: Unfinished Business: Resolving the Past in Looking to the Future

Session 10: Becoming a Marriage Coach: Review and Commissioning

Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg

Gary Rosberg, EdD, and Barbara Rosberg, BFA, are sought-after Executive Life and Marriage and Family Coaches, John C. Maxwell certified international speakers and trainers, award-winning authors, broadcasters, and well-known international marriage conference presenters. Together, the Rosbergs are co-founders of The Rosberg Group, where they provide marriage coaching, as well as one-on-one executive life coaching. Authors of over a dozen books, the Rosbergs use their gifts of insight, humor, and wisdom in coaching couples “up” to become the best they can be. Their nonprofit ministry, America’s Family Coaches, has impacted marriages across the United States and globally for almost 35 years. They serve first responder and military marriages in their home state, and in particular, wounded warrior couples. See more at www.TheRosbergGroup.com