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Life Leadership is deeper and goes beyond simply leading a successful organization. It involves intimacy, meaningful relationships, being an effective role model, and helping others reach their full potential. This course looks at the biblical principles of establishing priorities, being disciplined, leading with wisdom and discernment, Christian maturity, and navigating times of testing.

Session 1: Introduction to Life Leadership: Living Out Your Faith for Others to See 

Session 2: Having Priorities and Focus: Your Goals, Habits, and Disciplines 

Session 3: Discipline and Excellence: Letting Go and Obedience to God 

Session 4: Impacting Lives: Servanthood and God’s Pattern for Life Leadership 

Session 5: Leading with Wisdom: Discernment through Prayer, Worship, and God’s Word 

Session 6: The Thought Life: Renewing the Mind and Knowing the Voice of God

Session 7: Asking Great Questions: Drawing Others Out and Creating “Aha” Moments 

Session 8: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality: Maturity and Transformation 

Session 9: Health and Wellness: Elevating All Areas of Life

Session 10: Trials Part I: Navigating the Rhythms of Life

Session 11: Trials Part II: Refining through Correction, Compassion, and Courage

Alita Reynolds

Alita Reynolds is the Foundational Voice with Women of Faith, with a 25-year history that has impacted millions of women around the world, to live victoriously in Christ.  Alita is also an ICCI Master Life Coach Trainer, writer, and sought-after speaker. She is also the host for the Women of Faith Show with Alita Reynolds.  See more at www.womenoffaith.com

Bethany Murdock

Bethany Murdock, BA, is a Master Life Coach and regularly coaches individuals and couples. Bethany has been in ministry for over 20 years, has served as a Worship Pastor, and is ordained. She has been helping people grow and develop in both their personal lives, as well as their relationship with Christ. Her desire is to see people empowered through Jesus and to live their best life possible. Areas of expertise include: Life Coaching for Women, Marriage Coaching, Grief and Loss Coaching, Spiritual Development Coaching, and Leadership and Ministry Coaching. See more at: www.bethanylentzmurdock.com

Gari Meacham

Gari Meacham is a popular speaker, podcast host, and writer. She travels the globe speaking at conferences, retreats, and events. She has authored eight books, a television pilot, and produced the documentary God Loves Broken. Gari’s highly acclaimed books, workbook, and DVD series are used in small groups and churches across the country, and her podcast—Gutsy Faith—is listened to by thousands of people across the globe each month. Gari is the President and Founder of The Vine—an organization that helps vulnerable children and women in Uganda. She is married to former New York Yankees Bobby Meacham, and together they have three children. Bobby and Gari have spent over 39 years in professional baseball and still get excited to see each other after a long road trip. They reside in Houston, Texas. See more at: www.garimeacham.com