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Separation, divorce, remarriage, and other events such as adoption and foster care, are all ways in which families are formed and reformed. There are numerous challenges and potential “potholes” that can disrupt the process and important transition points, hindering the creation of a successful blend. This course addresses key considerations and helps Life Coaches navigate balanced outcomes.

Session 1: Introduction: The Slow-Cooker Crock Pot Approach

Session 2: Defining the Blend: What’s in a Name?

Session 3: Steps to the Blender: How Did We Get Here?

Session 4: To Blend or Not to Blend: Challenges and Blessings

Session 5: Blending Plans: Victory through Preparation

Session 6: Facing Problems in the Blend: Time, Patience, and Prayer

Session 7: The Blended Family Jungle: My Truth vs. Our Truth

Session 8: EX-pectations in the Blend: Finding Peace with a Former Spouse

Session 9: Parenting in the Blend: Roles, Beliefs, and Boundaries

Session 10: Bringing it all Together: Feelings, Fears, and Concerns

Cedric & Michelle White

Cedric and Michelle White are pastors, life coaches, marriage counselors, and co-founders of Healing Thine Hearts (HTH), a ministry to Build Better Families by Strengthening Relationships. For more than 20 years, Cedric and Michelle have served as Board-Certified Belief Therapists and Relationship Counselors. They have collaborated with numerous organizations to help organize and facilitate relationship retreats, premarital trainings, and marriage mentor training. See more at: www.healingthinehearts.org