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Leaders typically play a vital role in helping organizations successfully navigate different crisis and transition points. Life Coaches can help clients grow in their skills, wisdom, and character to lead stakeholders through these storms with courage and determination. You will learn how to work with leaders on building integrity and vision, while incorporating a biblical foundation and framework for success.

Session 1: Introduction: Integrating Resilience God Style Principles

Session 2: Leadership as a Contact Sport: A Biblical Foundation for the Path Ahead

Session 3: Character Counts I: Selflessness and Humility

Session 4: Character Counts II: Integrity and Courage

Session 5: Leading with Wisdom: Bridging Character and Competence

Session 6: Leading Before a Crisis: Setting the Conditions for Success

Session 7: Leading During a Crisis: Navigating the Storm

Session 8: Leading After a Crisis: Rebuilding and Bouncing Back

Session 9: Leader Self-care: Stress, Burnout, and a Balanced Life

Session 10: Leading Like Christ: Modeling Relationship, Sacrifice, and the Right Voice

Gen. Bob Dees

Maj. Gen. Bob Dees (Ret.), MS, served for 31 years in the U.S. Army in a wide variety of command and staff positions culminating in his last three assignments as Assistant Division Commander for Operations, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault); Commander, Second Infantry Division, United States Forces Korea; and as Deputy Commanding General, V (US/GE) Corps in Europe, concurrently serving as Commander, US-Israeli Combined Task Force for Missile Defense. While authoring The Resilience Trilogy and the Resilience God Style study series, he was the Associate Vice President for Military Outreach and Director of the nation’s first Institute for Military Resilience at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Gen. Dees also served as National Security Advisor and Campaign Chair for Ben Carson. He is President of Resilience Consulting, LLC, and President of The National Center for Healthy Veterans (NCFHV). See more at www.resiliencegodstyle.com