Music, especially when expressed in a song, is one of God’s greatest gifts of communication. People who are going through challenging times need to know they are not alone, and music connects us. Pain, guilt, shame, loneliness, and more, often cause us to build walls – walls where words just bounce off. Music can seep through the cracks, past these natural defenses, softening our resistance and opening our heart to receive a message of hope, healing, and restoration.

ICCI has partnered with Steve Siler and Music for the Soul to create unique, themed albums. Each contains five downloadable mp3 songs and a corresponding devotional. These compilations can be used with clients to share the compassion of Christ when they feel isolated, have a hard time talking about things, or when they need to hear the truth of human experience to receive the grace, mercy, and love of God. Whether it’s for grief and loss, brokenness, marriage, veteran issues, or a crisis of faith – consider adding one or more of these resources to your coaching toolbox.

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