Steps to Mentoring and Credentialing

  1. 1Complete required education and training
  2. 2Contact an approved ICCI Life Coaching Mentor and establish a mentoring plan
  3. 3Complete any required field experience and mentoring sessions
  4. 4Purchase a Credential or Specialization when all requirements are met
  5. 5Have Mentor Evaluation/Reference Form submitted with Application

What Is the Purpose of Mentoring?

Mentoring provides an emerging Life Coach with professional oversight in achieving and demonstrating the required level of competency and professional excellence needed for each ICCI Core Credential or Specialization in a Model or Niche. Mentoring typically takes place over an extended period of time under the direction of the Life Coach Mentor and in conjunction with field experience hours that are being obtained. This allows for ongoing feedback, reflection, skill development, and confidence in working with clients from a Christian and biblical framework.

What Does the Mentoring Process Entail?

After completion of all required education/training hours, each person seeking a Core Life Coaching Credential or a Specialization in a Coaching Model or Niche should DIRECTLY CONTACT one of the approved ICCI Life Coach Mentors listed below in the drop-down menus titled, “Core Credentials” and “Specializations.” Please use the email address that is provided by the Life Coach Mentor and let them know you would like to set up mentoring sessions with them. Once contact with a Mentor is established, a schedule and supervision/mentoring plan will be mutually agreed upon. Mentoring must take place either in face-to-face sessions or via a live interactive platform (e.g., Zoom, etc.). At the conclusion of all required mentoring sessions, the Life Coach Mentor will complete a Mentor Evaluation/Reference Form, which must be submitted with the Credential Application.

What is the Cost of Mentoring Sessions?

All Life Coach Mentors and their representative organizations have agreed to keep the cost of their mentoring fees to $100 – $200 per session. Session fees are reimbursed directly to the Mentor or their organization by the person/Applicant pursuing an ICCI Credential or Specialization.

Who Are Approved Life Coaching Mentors?

Click either of the drop-down menus below (Core Credentials or Specializations) to see a list of currently approved ICCI Life Coach Mentors. This includes their contact information, as well as the specific Courses, Core Credentials, and Specialization Models/Niches in which they are authorized to provide mentoring services. All mentors must be Master-level Credentialed Life Coaches formally educated, trained, and qualified to offer specific mentoring in life coaching. Life Coach Mentors from other life coaching organizations with Master-level life coaching education and two or more years of experience can be considered.

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The primary focal point of life coaching is on future performance and outcomes. It is therefore more proactive, solution-focused, collaborative, and forward-oriented in terms of personal and/or professional growth than traditional counseling and other mental health services. Psychotherapy tends to address past issues with the goal of symptom reduction, trauma work, and problem resolution. Coaches, on the other hand, endeavor to help unlock a person’s potential in order to maximize their performance, set and attain appropriate goals, and improve overall functioning in life. The change process is often viewed as having both a motivational and behavioral mindset where clients are not seen as individuals who need to be to be “fixed,” but those who have a capacity to envision and intentionally move toward new and higher goals. This indicates coaching is more about growth and not necessarily about clinical assessment, diagnosis or healing. Rather, it is a movement toward a healthier maturity instead of an unhealthy dependence on other things or people. See more about Christian Life Coaching at

Since coaching is largely an unregulated profession, Life Coaches frequently pursue voluntary certification and credentialing to show the public they have received an appropriate level of training, education, practice experience, and/or mentoring. We believe ICCI represents a premier faith-based network of Life Coaches that includes many of the leading Christian voices in the field today. Having an ICCI credential demonstrates a credible national level of competence, integrity, excellence, and recognition as having met rigorous standards, especially for those individuals who identify as Christian Life Coaches.

Beyond a strong commitment to overall practice and ministerial excellence and professionalism, ICCI endeavors to faithfully integrate the Word of God and biblical principles into its training, resources, Member Benefits, events, and more. An ICCI credential represents a clear identity as a Christian Life Coach and has the backing and endorsement of many leading voices in the field today.

Life coaching is an unregulated field, both within the United States and in most places around the world. As such, there are any number of coaching organizations (ICCI, ICF, etc.) that offer certification and credentialing opportunities. None of them are state or federally regulated entities, so individuals make choices about credentialing based primarily on a sense of affiliation and alignment with an organization’s values, core principles, and practices. ICCI’s foundational principles include the same core competencies as ICF and other reputable organizations. However, ICCI’s distinguishing characteristics are based on God’s Word and biblical principles to faithfully train and credential individuals who want to identify as “Christian” Life Coaches.

No – non-members may also apply for and pursue certification and credentialing. However, there are significant discounts and other benefits that are included with a person’s membership in ICCI.
No – anyone may apply for certification and credentialing as long as they meet the minimum requirements as set forth in this section of the ICCI website (i.e., the requisite number of education and training hours that includes specific biblical integration principles and techniques into the life coaching process).
Yes – individuals who have received credentials from other certifying organizations may apply for and receive an ICCI credential pending a review of the required education, training, field experience, and mentoring that demonstrates a comparable level with any ICCI credential.
Any coaching activity provided to clients, whether on a voluntary/pro bono or compensated basis, can qualify for appropriate field experience. This can be either ministry oriented or part of a professional life coaching practice.

ICCI maintains and publishes a list of approved Life Coach Mentors, which currently includes nearly all of our trainers. Furthermore, ICCI will also shortly be developing a pathway to certify additional Life Coach  Mentors who may be interested in serving in this capacity. All mentors must be Master-level Credentialed Life Coaches formally educated, trained, and qualified to offer mentoring specifically in Christian Life Coaching. Life Coach mentors from other organizations with two or more years of experience can be considered. 

No – while there may be some clear benefits to having live face-to-face interactions with an approved Mentor, applicants can also satisfy the supervision requirements via Zoom or other comparable platforms that offer “real time” interaction and feedback between parties.
ICCI provides ongoing training and education through its digital resources, webinars, live conferences/events, and other means. While continuing education does not have to be acquired through ICCI, credential holders must complete the required number of hours on an annual basis to maintain their current credential level. These hours must also be related to the incorporation of biblical principles and life coaching skills with appropriate theory, knowledge, and practice.
This typically depends on the level of credentialing a person is seeking (e.g., the number of required educational/training hours, field experience, mentoring sessions, etc.), as well as ensuring all needed documentation has been gathered and submitted in the application process. Once the application has been submitted, the expected review and decision timeframe should be approximately one week or less.

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