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Steps to Mentoring and Credentialing

  1. 1Complete required education and training
  2. 2Contact an approved ICCI Life Coaching Mentor and establish a mentoring plan
  3. 3Complete any required field experience and mentoring sessions
  4. 4Purchase a Credential or Specialization when all requirements are met
  5. 5Have Mentor Evaluation/Reference Form submitted with Application

What Is the Purpose of Mentoring?

Mentoring provides an emerging Life Coach with professional oversight in achieving and demonstrating the required level of competency and professional excellence needed for each ICCI Core Credential or Specialization in a Model or Niche. Mentoring typically takes place over an extended period of time under the direction of the Life Coach Mentor and in conjunction with field experience hours that are being obtained. This allows for ongoing feedback, reflection, skill development, and confidence in working with clients from a Christian and biblical framework.

What Does the Mentoring Process Entail?

After completion of all required education/training hours, each person seeking a Core Life Coaching Credential or a Specialization in a Coaching Model or Niche should DIRECTLY CONTACT one of the approved ICCI Life Coach Mentors listed below in the drop-down menus titled, “Core Credentials” and “Specializations.” Please use the email address that is provided by the Life Coach Mentor and let them know you would like to set up mentoring sessions with them. Once contact with a Mentor is established, a schedule and supervision/mentoring plan will be mutually agreed upon. Mentoring must take place either in face-to-face sessions or via a live interactive platform (e.g., Zoom, etc.). At the conclusion of all required mentoring sessions, the Life Coach Mentor will complete a Mentor Evaluation/Reference Form, which must be submitted with the Credential Application.

What is the Cost of Mentoring Sessions?

All Life Coach Mentors and their representative organizations have agreed to keep the cost of their mentoring fees to $100 – $200 per session. Session fees are reimbursed directly to the Mentor or their organization by the person/Applicant pursuing an ICCI Credential or Specialization.

Who Are Approved Life Coaching Mentors?

Click either of the drop-down menus below (Core Credentials or Specializations) to see a list of currently approved ICCI Life Coach Mentors. This includes their contact information, as well as the specific Courses, Core Credentials, and Specialization Models/Niches in which they are authorized to provide mentoring services. All mentors must be qualified to offer specific mentoring in life coaching. Life Coach Mentors from other life coaching organizations with two or more years of experience can be considered.

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