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Many people change career paths several times during their lifetime. Life Coaches can play a critical role in helping individuals develop a successful plan and find their calling and life purpose. You will learn how to work with individuals in mapping out and envisioning their future careers. An emphasis is placed on the individual developing needed skills and reflecting on the strengths brought to an organization.

Session 1: Introduction to Career Coaching: Understanding Meaningful Work

Session 2: Career Mapping: Seeing the Big Picture and the Right Pathway

Session 3: The Career-Focused Toolbox: Core Factors in Mapping Out the Process

Session 4: Finding a Job in Difficult Times: Navigating the Unintended and the Unexpected

Session 5: Creating the Right Resume: Reflecting Skills, Values, and Experience

Session 6: Time Travel on the Pathway: Looking Ahead and Moving Forward

Session 7: Developing the Right Skills: Sharpening Your Abilities

Session 8: One Step at a Time: Living a Life of Purpose

Session 9: Pressing Onward: Moving Beyond Disappointment and Failure

Session 10: A Strategy for Hope: Finding an Anchor for the Soul

Bonus Session: How to Start a Life Coaching Business

Dwight Bain

Dwight Bain, MA, is the Founder of the LifeWorks Group in Winter Park, Florida. He helps people rewrite their stories through strategic change and is dedicated to helping people achieve greater results. Since 1984, Dwight has helped thousands of people across America as a Keynote Speaker, Certified Leadership Coach, Nationally Certified Counselor, and a Critical Incident Stress Management expert. He is a trusted media resource on managing major change and has been interviewed on hundreds of radio and television stations, has been quoted in over 100 publications, and is the author of Destination Success: A Map for Living Out Your Dreams. For more, see www.dwightbain.com