CPCLC Professional Level Bundle

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Christian Life Coaching Foundations I: Creating the Right Environment

Christian Life Coaching Foundations II: Creating the Right Plan

Christian Life Coaching Foundations III: Creating the Right Strategy

Certified Professional Christian Life Coach (CPCLC)

Transformed Living: Key Fundamentals

Transformed Living: Core Principles

Transformed Living: Practical Applications

Marriage Coaching: The Basics

Marriage Coaching: Hot Topics

Marriage Coaching: Before Saying, “I Do”

Resilience Coaching for Individuals

Resilience Coaching for Leaders

Leadership Coaching: Ministry Leaders and the “Business” of Church

Leadership Coaching: Senior and Executive Leaders

Life Recovery Coaching: A Journey through the 12 Steps

Performance Coaching: Maximizing Your Potential

Career Coaching: Envisioning the Future

Personal Development Coaching: The Equipping Profile

Coaching Women: Spiritual Strength

Coaching Women: Real Relationships

Relationship and Attachment Coaching: LifeMapping

Blended Family Coaching: Blending to Succeed

Relationship and Attachment Coaching: Strengths Coaching

Resilience Coaching: Resilience for Key Demographics

Blended Not Broken I: Foundations for a Strong Family Core

Blended, Not Broken II: Blender vs. Blending

Coaching Women: Life Leadership

Blended, Not Broken III: Navigating Conflict, Trauma, and Difficulty

Relationship and Attachment Coaching: The Blessing

Financial Coaching: How to Build Your Best Plan Now