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Victimization is inevitable, but we have a choice in how we respond to it. A Zero Victim mentality is essential to precondition our minds to address these issues before they happen. Pastor James Ward conveys an effective model on how to deal with your past, decide your person, and develop your potential in life, as well as how to coach others to do the same. In this first course, he focuses on resolving the past by embracing God’s will for every human being to live an abundant life and bear abundant fruit through faith in Jesus Christ.

Session 1: The Power of Zero Victim Thinking

Session 2: Attitude Determines Altitude in Life

Session 3: Spiritual Beings Living in a Natural World—Pt. 1

Session 4: Spiritual Beings Living in a Natural World—Pt. 2

Session 5: Living Life From the Inside-Out, in a World That Is Upside-Down

Session 6: Five Steps to Begin the Process of Zero Victim Thinking

Session 7: Adopting Humility

Session 8: Overcoming Fear

Session 9: The Freedom of Forgiveness

Session 10: The Four Stages of Victim Thinking

James E. Ward Jr.

James E. Ward Jr. is a pastor, author, visionary, and entrepreneur who has emerged as a mainstream, conscionable voice of spiritual and moral truth. James has affectionately become known as America’s Zero Victim Pastor and leading expert on the subject of Zero Victim thinking. Because of his unique biblical perspective, his involvement is highly sought after by corporate, government, and thought leaders, and on mainstream media outlets to mitigate the complex racial, cultural, and socio-political challenges of our day. He is known for his keen insight on how to practically apply spiritual principles to peacefully resolve the growing social discord of intersectionality in society, organizations, and families. As a speaker, James emphasizes Christian character and leadership development. He is a strategist and advocate for holistic social renewal, reconciliation, and transformation. In his latest book, Zero Victim: Overcoming Injustice with a New Attitude, he presents a universal principle that equips individuals to succeed in every area of life. Along with his wife Sharon, James is pastor and founder of INSIGHT Church near Chicago, and founder of the National Prayer Altar at the Museum of the Bible. James and Sharon have been married for twenty-two years and have two wonderful children serving in ministry with them, Hannah and Jonathan. For more, see https://jamesewardjr.com/