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Michelle Nietert, MA, Michelle is the Founder and Owner of Community Counseling Associates in Allen, Texas and has supervised and trained numerous counselors since 2005. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Clinical Supervisor, and is a sought after leader in the area of solution focused counseling for both consultation and training. Michelle has been retained by liability insurance companies, as well as local and national law firms as a recognized expert in the area of mental health treatment and documentation. She has in-depth play therapy training, is a previous district crisis counselor with Safe and Drug Free Schools, and has worked extensively with suburban families dealing with drug exploration, dependence, abuse, and addiction. Michelle’s areas of expertise include depression, anxiety, chemical dependency, eating disorders, self-harm, PTSD, marital affairs, OCD, rape recovery, grief/loss, divorce, and childhood physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. For the last decade, she has also become a community expert in treating families who have experienced the loss of a child or children with severe medical issues, including cancer. Michelle is a certified life coach and she has a passion that embraces a strong identity in Christ as the greatest key for gaining positive self-worth and creating lasting life change. See more at www.michellenietert.com

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