The Fastest Growing
Christian Life Coaching Network

The Fastest Growing
Christian Life
Coaching Network

Bringing life and living into focus through Membership, Training, Certification, and Real Relationships

What is ICCI?

ICCI is a premier faith-based network of Christian Life Coaches who are dedicated to serving others with compassion and professionalism. We utilize biblical principles that assist clients in setting individualized goals through a collaborative partnership that addresses the whole person.
  • Receive Training from Nationally Recognized Coaching Experts
  • Earn Your Certification as a Fully Credentialed Life Coach
  • Join Other Servant Leaders Who Are Making a Difference

Learn How to Become a Fully
Credentialed Christian Life Coach

Learn How to Become
Ca Fully Credentialed Christian Life Coach

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Member Benefits

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Featured Highlights

Professional Training

Learn from leading Christian voices in the field and nationally known Master Life Coaches how to
better equip, empower, and encourage clients looking for growth, change, and a positive future.
Choose from four foundational training courses and twelve dynamic specialization tracks.

Certification and Credentialing

Currently, ICCI offers three Core Credentials and multiple Specializations in general Coaching Niches and individualized Coaching Models, representing ascending levels of coaching education, training, and practice.


Certified Associate Christian Life Coach


Certified Professional Christian Life Coach


Certified Master Christian Life Coach


Dr. India Logan’s

“The International Christian Coaching Institute is a body of powerful Christian leaders. The life coaching field needs active change agents who care for the world around them and ICCI embodies professional coaches who are invested in God’s people. They train coaches to be effective in developing others on their journey and provide a community of coaches that excels in helping individuals successfully attain their personal, relational, and professional goals. I am honored to be partnered with ICCI.”

Judy Weber

Judy Weber Consulting
“I’m honored and blessed to partner with the International Christian Coaching Institute, an organization of the highest caliber and filling a much-needed gap for people of faith. As a faith-fueled business coach, I have personally experienced for myself (and witnessed in my clients) the supernatural power available when Christ is at the core of your work. If you feel called to life coaching, there’s no better place than ICCI to equip you to make a meaningful impact and use your God-given gifts to the uttermost.”

Dr. John Thornton

Azusa Pacific University
“For every Christian Life Coach who is seeking first the Kingdom and His righteousness, who is longing to see the Father’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven, and who has a vision to provide godly coaching to serve those the Lord brings into your life, the International Christian Coaching Institute is for you. Join me in building on the love God has planted in us and to help others discern His best path forward.”

Alita and GJ Reynolds

Foundational Voice, Women of Faith
“Are you looking to inspire, elevate, and empower your life and the lives of others? Then ICCI is an excellent place to start. Aligning with faith-based professional coaches is a great way to expand your network and to be equipped with resources and tools to impact the world for God’s glory. We all know how important it is to surround ourselves with like-minded people and this is your opportunity to heighten your God-given talents.”

Jimmy Queen

Having worked and interacted within the Christian people helping space for the past 20 years, the International Christian Coaching Institute is among the very best professional organizations I know of, and one that shares your faith values and passion for others. In partnership with leading experts, ICCI provides the very best biblical resources, training, and education for the Christian Life Coaching community worldwide.

Dan Chrystal

The Sophos Group
“If you are looking for a supportive, relational, caring, mentoring environment to enhance your life coaching skills, ICCI is the only place you need to look. Birthed from an insatiable desire to raise up competent and godly coaches, mentors, and leaders, ICCI is an organization where faith, integrity, honor, professionalism, and relationship excellence are celebrated. Your journey to help others find their purpose must begin here.”

Jill Monaco

Jill Monaco Ministries
“The International Christian Coaching Institute offers creative solutions for faith-based life coaches who are looking for training from trusted leaders, practical and biblical tools to improve their skills and practice, and a wonderful community of like-minded colleagues. What a great group of people. I am honored to be part of ICCI and highly recommend it to you!”

Rolfe & Lea Carawan

Transformed Living
We are excited to be a part of ICCI, what we believe to be the premier life coaching network for people of faith. This is where we can fellowship together, learn from one another, and grow as Christian coaches. If you have a heart for helping others and really want to see them flourish in life, then ICCI is where you can get trained and credentialed with everything you need to bring your skills and talents to help others.

Stephen Lentz, Esq.

Anchor Legal Group, PLLC
“Having practiced law for almost 50 years, I have come to appreciate the genuine need for expert life coaching among leaders, employees, and individuals. ICCI answers a critical need for resourcing and training in these important areas and has recruited veteran trainers and mentors from across the country who are experienced and recognized as leaders in their respective disciplines. I am honored to be a part of this strategic group.”

June Hunt

Hope for the Heart
“What do you need more of? Resilience, Hope, Leadership? Do you feel called to help people have better marriages, families, careers or transformed lives? We can all become better equippers. At ICCI, we have a heart to give you the very best coaches combined with content that is practical and offers biblical hope, so you can give life-transforming truths to others. Come join us—we want you!”

Kim Levings

ReThinkYou Consulting
“In a world that is increasingly unraveling and with a growing number of individuals who struggle with mental health challenges, effective personal development is more vital than ever. By building a community of expert Christian life coaches grounded in a biblical worldview, ICCI has positioned a dynamic network of professionals helping each other grow and powerfully serving from a Kingdom perspective.”

Maj. Gen. Bob Dees (Ret.)

Resilience Consulting, LLC
“Networks are incredibly important and there is a remarkable network of like-minded Christian coaches called the International Christian Coaching Institute. I commend this to you as a great place for fellowship and where there are coaching resources across the entire spectrum. Join me and this great group of people. It will be a tremendous experience, with opportunities to learn, grow together, and contribute.”

Bethany Murdock

Bethany Murdock Coaching
“I am honored and blessed to be a part of the International Christian Coaching Institute, especially at this time in history! The world is in great need of faith-filled believers who are equipped and empowered to bring strong solutions and to speak into people’s lives. ICCI has already been a wonderful way for me to get to know and build significant relationships with other Christian life coaches and to continue to grow professionally myself. We need each other!”

Dwight Bain

LifeWorks Group
More than ever, it’s important to come together with likeminded believers who are coaching just like you. I am part of ICCI because I saw this incredible benefit. Coaching flows out of our life story and the experiences God has given to each of us. When you share your story, when I share my story, when we learn new skills, we can go impact the world . . . and we’ll do it better together. Consider joining Team ICCI today.

Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg

The Rosberg Group
“We are absolutely humbled to team up with ICCI, a network of Christian Life Coaches who come alongside and equip people just like you. If you are a life coach or interested in being certified so that you can impact, influence, and help others, ICCI is for you. It’s important to be strengthened and have even greater skill acquisition to fulfill all that God has called you to do in your sphere of influence. Let’s impact the Kingdom together.”

Dr. Rita Murray

Performance Consulting, LLC
“I am thrilled to be part of the International Christian Coaching Institute, coming together to partner with other life coaches just like you. The cadre of professional coaches who share my Christian faith is astounding, and for you to be invited into this community, I hope you see it as a great proposal that can change your life. It is transformational, tried, tested, and true. We are excited to have you join us."

Haley Scully

Hope for the Heart
“As a member of ICCI, you will join forces with some of the most dynamic leaders in Christian Life Coaching today. Their experience and proven success, along with your commitment to grow in this calling, will be the catalyst to launch your practice, strengthen your skills and natural abilities, and affirm your place with tomorrow’s top leaders integrating faith into life coaching. We welcome you to the ICCI team.”

Cedric and Michelle White

Healing Thine Hearts
“We are so excited to be part of ICCI. Practical help and biblical hope is what you will receive and people are needing guidance and support today more than ever before. As a Member in this network of Christian coaches, you will find practical, palatable, and resourceful information that will assist you in helping the people God brings across your path. Now is a great time to join ICCI and fulfill the calling He gave you.”

Gary Morais

The ICCI is an engaging and dynamic network of Christian Life Coaching experts. If you have a faith filled heart for helping people grow personally and professionally, I am confident you will benefit greatly by being a part of this organization. Join today and start building a stronger coaching practice or ministry, as well as collaborative networking relationships with other likeminded Christians.

Tim Smith

Blended Not Broken
“Over the years of working with hundreds of ministry leaders, one of the most requested needs I’ve heard is, “Where can I find help with what I do?” Finally, we have a world class and robust resource at the International Christian Coaching Institute. My daughter, Christie, and I are thrilled to be a part of the network. I hope you will check out ICCI and see this amazing team of coaches and mentors.”

Kari Trent Stageberg

“If you have a desire to become an amazing Christian Life Coach, then ICCI is where you want to be. You are going to find experts who can teach and mentor you in how to be more effective and work well with those you coach. You are going to receive practical tools and resources, along with a network of support . . . people who really want to equip and walk with you on your coaching journey. I am thrilled to be a part of ICCI.”

Michelle Nietert

Raising Mentally Healthy Kids
“The International Christian Coaching Institute provides a unique opportunity for life coaches to not only learn the critical skills they need to work successfully with clients and to pursue certification, but to also be connected to a wonderful community that can support them in growing their coaching practices and ministries. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am excited to refer ministry leaders, coaches, and other mental health practitioners to a program that values excellence, professional integrity, mentoring, and biblical integration.”

Dr. Eric Scalise

Hope for the Heart
“Life coaching is one of the fastest growing endeavors around the world, but what’s often lacking is the ‘God’ component and people of faith frequently feel there is no place for them. Well, we have a home for you. It’s called the International Christian Coaching Institute. Join the network and become part of a global leader, a dynamic coalition of other like-minded, faith-based coaches who, together, we can all make a difference.”

Dr. John Trent

“I am honored to be part of the International Christian Coaching Institute, and that is a group of people just like you who really want to make a difference in someone’s life. Coaching is exploding and digital coaching is the future. You can learn so much online, but still be connected. I can’t encourage you enough to join us today in this incredible coaching space and let the Lord use you and unleash you through ICCI.”

Stephen Arterburn

New Life Ministries
“I encourage you to become part of ICCI. Whether you are a pastor, a teacher or a full on life coach, there are so many different specialties and ICCI has a foundation of biblical truth that can be applied to any situation. You will be a better professional and a better person by coming and learning all that you can. We are building the Kingdom of God one restored soul at a time. Won’t you join us!”

“One thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus”

Phillipians 3:13-14 (NASB)
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