Why Attend Coach Talks?

Similar to TED Talks, this webinar series will be a time to hear short, powerful talks on Christian Life Coaching topics. You’ll receive practical, biblical insights from experienced ministry leaders, inspiring speakers, authors, and Christian Life Coaches. Whether you’re a life coach, ministry leader, or you simply want to grow and be inspired, here’s why you should register for Coach Talks – and tell others about it!

It’s free!

It’s absolutely free. Just sign up, watch, and receive valuable insights.

Hear from the best

Hear from 20 seasoned ministry leaders and life coaches, along with 5 panel discussions.

Gain wisdom

Gain practical wisdom for your specific coaching niche or area of ministry. (See topics below.)

Valuable content

These 5 webinars represent 8-10 hours of inspiring, insightful content you can use in life, ministry, and coaching.

Integrate God’s Word

Learn how to integrate biblical truth into your coaching and ministry context.

Discover ICCI

Discover the premier network of Christian Life Coaches at ICCI – and how you can join!

Meet the team

Meet the core team of trainers, mentors, and instructors at ICCI who are here to help you grow.

Special discounts

Get exclusive discounts on ICCI membership, courses, certifications, and more.

Grow with others

Grow personally and professionally with a network of like-minded, faith-based servant leaders.

Webinar Host & Moderator

If you can’t make the webinar, you will have the ability to watch it later at your leisure.

Simply sign up once and we’ll let you know when the webinars go live.

“Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance.”

(Proverbs 1:5)

Webinar Series Topics

Steven Arterburn
Life Recovery for Impossible Relationships: Rapture, Repair, and Restoration

Dr. John Trent & Kari Trent Stageberg
LifeMapping 101: Getting Unstuck from the Past and Creating a God-honoring Future

Gary Morais
The Equipping Profile: Life Changing Solutions at the Speed of Thought

Haley Scully
Coaching Single Adults: Principles, Strategies, and Avoiding Assumptions

Dr. Rita Murray
Coaching Across Generations: A Post-Pandemic Culture and Developing Future Leaders

Maj. Gen. Bob Dees
Resilient Leadership: Selfless Service from a Platform of Character and Competence

Stephen Lentz, Esq.
Leadership: It’s Always the Problem and It’s Always the Answer

Alita Reynolds
The Art of Life Leadership: Everyone Leads, but Few Realize They Do

June Hunt
Are You Living with Amnesia? Self-Identity and What You Need to Know

Rolfe & Lea Carawan
The PIC Model and Life Coaching: Proven Strategies for a New Paradigm

Jill Monaco
Freedom Coaching: Inviting the Holy Spirit and Encountering the Presence of God

Dan Chrystal
Softballs to the Face: Spiritual Growth When Plans Are Overtaken by Reality

Dr. Mark Crear
Maximizing Your Potential: How to Find, Get, and Stay “In the Zone”

Dwight Bain
The Post-Pandemic World: Staying Motivated in Stressful Times

Bethany Murdock
Building Block for Growth: Turning Pain into Progress

Kim Levings
Performance Coaching Can and Probably Should Get Messy: A Whole-person Perspective

Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg
The Foundation of Relationship: Creating Safety and Trust in Your Marriage

Cedric and Michelle White
The Bonds of Relationship: Understanding Knots, Ties, and Cords

Tim Smith & Christie Meldrim
Blended, Not Broken: A Playbook for Blended Families

Michelle Nietert
The Challenging Years: Coaching Tweens and Teens

Relationship Coaching

Presented on March 24

Leadership Coaching

Presented on April 7

Spiritual Formation & Discipleship Coaching

Presented on April 21

Performance Coaching

Presented on May 5

Marriage & Family Coaching

Presented on May 19

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Relationship Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Spiritual Formation & Discipleship Coaching

Performance Coaching

Marriage & Family Coaching

Webinar Host & Moderator

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