The Care & Counsel Library – Vol. 7 Identity & Self-Worth

I’m worthless. Useless. Not good enough. I just need to try harder, then I’ll be accepted. So many people carry around negative thoughts like these because of the harsh messages and lies they have been repeatedly told by others … and have come to believe themselves. At the heart of many of our mental and emotional challenges, relationship troubles, and unhealthy behaviors are issues related to our identity. Healing and spiritual growth often begin not by “doing more” or changing our habits, but by understanding how precious we are to God and embracing the life-changing identity we have in Christ.

The five Keys for Living topics in Volume 7 of The Care and Counsel Library include:

  • Critical Spirit: Confronting the Heart of a Critic
  • Guilt: Living Guilt-Free
  • Identity & Self-Image: Knowing What’s True About You
  • Perfectionism: Escaping the Performance Trap
  • Self-Worth: Discover Your God-Given Value

Paperback, 544 pages.

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