The Care & Counsel Library – Vol. 6 Grief & Loss

Grief and loss are some of life’s most universal human experiences and no one is exempt from them. Yet we often don’t know how to handle the deep sadness we feel or respond to the loss we are going through. They can either drive us further into pain and bitterness or send us running to the Lord for healing and hope. Our suffering isn’t meaningless – it often serves a purpose. God can use our grief and loss to strengthen our faith and character, give us hope, and equip us to better help those who are also hurting.

The five Keys for Living topics in Volume 6 of The Care and Counsel Library include:

  • Chronic Illness & Disabilities: God’s Peace in the Midst of Pain
  • Death & Heaven: The Doorway to Your Destiny
  • Grief: Living at Peace with Loss
  • Stress: How to Cope at the End of Your Rope
  • Trials: God’s Refining Fire

Paperback, 520 pages.

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