The Care & Counsel Library – Vol. 4 Depression & Suicide

Everyone experiences pressure and stress. Over time, these can weigh us down so it feels like darkness clouds our world and sadness smothers hope. These are often signs of depression, and millions of people today suffer from it. Those with severe depression are especially vulnerable to suicide. But depression is highly treatable and the prognosis for recovery is good. Even if you feel there is no way out of depression or that no one cares – God does, and so do others. Find hope in God as He walks with you through your darkness into the dawn.

The five Keys for Living topics in Volume 4 of The Care and Counsel Library include:

  • Anxiety: Calming the Fearful Heart
  • Depression: Walking from Darkness into the Dawn
  • Hope: The Anchor for Your Soul
  • Loneliness: From Longing to Belonging
  • Suicide Prevention: Hope When Life Seems Hopeless

Paperback, 756 pages.

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