The Care & Counsel Library – Vol. 2 Addiction & Recovery

First, you like it. Then you want it. Then you need it. Finally, you crave it! This is the progressive path of addiction. Some people get hooked on chemical substances like alcohol or medications. Others get addicted to behaviors like shopping or overeating. One thing all addictions have in common – they blind people to the truth of consequences. Recovery from addiction is a journey, often a long one. Yet recovery is possible. Our hope rests on this: No matter how long the addiction has lasted or how tight its grip, the Lord can redeem, restore, and set us free.  

The five Keys for Living topics in Volume 2 of The Care and Counsel Library include:

  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse: Breaking Free & Staying Free
  • Codependency: The Need to Be Needed
  • Confrontation: Challenging Others to Change
  • Gambling: Betting Your Life Away
  • Habits & Addictions: Success in Self-Control

Paperback, 656 pages.

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