The Care & Counsel Library – Vol. 1 Abuse & Trauma

Powerless. Broken. Unlovable. Hopeless. These words express how a survivor of abuse feels. Those traumatized by abuse are severely impacted by what they see and experience. Their mind remembers the images, feels the emotions and pain, and hears what was said, shouted, or screamed. And sadly, many, if not most, feel stuck in a relentless cycle – as if there is no escape. Whether the abuse was physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, or spiritual, God’s Word has answers. The pain of your past need not determine the direction of your future.

The five Keys for Living topics in Volume 1 of The Care and Counsel Library include:

  • Abuse Recovery: From Surviving to Thriving
  • Bullying: Bullied – No More!
  • Domestic Abuse: There’s No Excuse for Abuse!
  • Spiritual Abuse: Religion at Its Worst
  • Verbal & Emotional Abuse: Victory Over the Power of Abuse

Paperback, 746 pages.

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