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Roadmap To Credentialing


Step one

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Step two

Education: 30 hours (3 Courses)

Learn core life coaching skills with appropriate theory, knowledge, and professional practice through our 3 core courses (Foundations 1, 2, and 3).


Step three

Mentoring: 3 Sessions

These sessions must be completed with an ICCI-approved Master-level Mentor of Christian Life Coaching at an additional cost.


Step four

Field Experience: 25 hours

These hours must be conducted while practicing Christian Life Coaching.

Your mentor helps refine your coaching skills and advises you on how to structure your business during this field experience.


Step five

4 references

You will be asked for email addresses of 4 reference (personal, professional, pastoral, and mentor of Life Coaching).


Step six

Complete Application

With your purchased bundle you will receive the application, and be eligible to apply for your credential pending a review, a savings value of $150.

* You must maintain 15 CE hours annually to keep certification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Christian Life Coaching and counseling?

The primary focal point of life coaching is on future performance and outcomes. It is therefore more proactive, solution-focused, collaborative, and forward-oriented in terms of personal and/or professional growth than traditional counseling and other mental health services. Psychotherapy tends to address past issues with the goal of symptom reduction, trauma work, and problem resolution. Coaches, on the other hand, endeavor to help unlock a person’s potential in order to maximize their performance, set and attain appropriate goals, and improve overall functioning in life. The change process is often viewed as having both a motivational and behavioral mindset where clients are not seen as individuals who need to be to be “fixed,” but those who have a capacity to envision and intentionally move toward new and higher goals. This indicates coaching is more about growth and not necessarily about clinical assessment, diagnosis or healing. Rather, it is a movement toward a healthier maturity instead of an unhealthy dependence on other things or people.

What are the benefits of having an ICCI credential?

Since coaching is largely an unregulated profession, Life Coaches frequently pursue voluntary certification and credentialing to show the public they have received an appropriate level of training, education, practice experience, and/or mentoring. We believe ICCI represents a premier faith-based network of Life Coaches that includes many of the leading Christian voices in the field today. Having an ICCI credential demonstrates a credible national level of competence, integrity, excellence, and recognition as having met rigorous standards, especially for those individuals who identify as Christian Life Coaches.

What distinguishes an ICCI credential from other credentials in the field?

Beyond a strong commitment to overall practice and ministerial excellence and professionalism, ICCI endeavors to faithfully integrate the Word of God and biblical principles into its training, resources, Member Benefits, events, and more. An ICCI credential represents a clear identity as a Christian Life Coach and has the backing and endorsement of many leading voices in the field today.

How is an ICCI credential different than one from the International Coaching Federation (ICF)?

Life coaching is an unregulated field, both within the United States and in most places around the world. As such, there are any number of coaching organizations (ICCI, ICF, etc.) that offer certification and credentialing opportunities. None of them are state or federally regulated entities, so individuals make choices about credentialing based primarily on a sense of affiliation and alignment with an organization’s values, core principles, and practices. ICCI’s foundational principles include the same core competencies as ICF and other reputable organizations. However, ICCI’s distinguishing characteristics are based on God’s Word and biblical principles to faithfully train and credential individuals who want to identify as “Christian” Life Coaches.

How will I take my courses?

After purchase, courses and credential applications are served in your ICCI online dashboard. Just log into your account at iccicoaching.com at your convenience to complete your courses. Save your Certificates of Completion from each course to upload into your credentialing application.

What counts as field experience?

Any coaching activity provided to clients, whether on a voluntary/pro bono or compensated basis, can qualify for appropriate field experience. This can be either ministry oriented or part of a professional life coaching practice.

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