Video Lesson

Video Presentation

  • Gives a brief overview of the topics that will be discussed and any particular points of interest to be aware of. 
  • This block also encourages the learner to download the connected PDF that accompanies the video. 
  • Inform the learner that they can watch the video in parts, all at once, or multiple times.


  • Addiction/Recovery Maroon:
  • Thoughts and Emotions Red:
  • Attitude and Character Purple:
  • Faith and Apologetics Blue:
  • Crisis and Trauma Orange:
  • Marriage and Family Teal:
  • Counseling and Coaching Green:

Video Questions

A set of questions for learners to reflect on, discuss, journal, etc. in order to better understand the content of the video lecture. 

These questions should be focused on the recall, understanding, application, and of content, not specifically on reflection.

Let’s take a moment to review what was discussed in the video lecture. Review the lecture pdf and answer the questions below. Consider writing down your answers to better solidify your understanding.

  • Now that you’ve watched the lecture, what’s one new idea or realization you had about _____ ?
  • What are your three major takeaways from the lecture?
  • Is there anything in the lecture that you were surprised to hear? What was it? Why was it surprising?
  • After viewing the lecture, has your understanding of _____ changed at all? If yes, how so?

Include the template questions above and add in questions based on the video and the accompanying document to customize to each topic.

Lesson Reflection

Take a moment to review, reflect on, and pray over what was discussed in this lesson. Consider writing out your thoughts to the following questions to help you better grasp the material:

  • What quote, thought, or phrase stuck out to you the most? What does it mean to you?
  • Why do you want to learn more about this topic? What are you hoping to achieve or be able to do after you complete this workshop?

When you are ready, click Next Lesson to progress to the Definitions lesson, where we will establish a set of common and functional terms and definitions to deepen your understanding of the many aspects of _____ .

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