Scriptures to Memorize

Scriptures to Memorize Header

Body text here. Default text size, font, and color.

Retain all paragraph font and formatting standards. Bible verses are always italicized. Match any bolding or color as found in the KFL.

Center-aligned and italicized quote or verse. Color must match the KFL theme.


  • Addiction/Recovery Maroon:
  • Thoughts and Emotions Red:
  • Attitude and Character Purple:
  • Faith and Apologetics Blue:
  • Crisis and Trauma Orange:
  • Marriage and Family Teal:
  • Counseling and Coaching Green:

Lesson Reflection

Take a moment to meditate on the verses above. If you’re able to, focus on each verse for a minute or two and let it sink in. What truth is each verse saying to you? Write out a short phrase or statement of what each verse communicates to you in regard to _____ .

When you are ready, click Next Lesson to progress to the Case Study lesson, where we will see the concepts modeled in a real-life scenario.

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