Application of Concepts

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Biblical Example

  • Biblical example of the concept in action from the KFL


  • Addiction/Recovery Maroon:
  • Thoughts and Emotions Red:
  • Attitude and Character Purple:
  • Faith and Apologetics Blue:
  • Crisis and Trauma Orange:
  • Marriage and Family Teal:
  • Counseling and Coaching Green:

Application Overview

A summary of how application of this workshop’s principles can change the learner’s life (or the life of a friend).

As you work through this workshop, we highly encourage you to review the content slowly. There are no deadlines that you need to finish the content and you can take a break any time you need to. Don’t try to rush your learning! Give yourself the time and space needed to fully engage with, process, and comprehend the concepts and skills presented.

At the end of many lessons are a few reflection questions. These are intended to help you slow down, think through the presented content, and apply what you’re learning. A good portion of the work in this workshop is done as you reflect on applying the concepts to your own life. Take the time to answer these questions in detail to get the most out of this workshop.

Keys For Living

Included in this workshop is downloadable document that goes into much of the content covered in this course. Download a copy so you can take it with you to reference throughout the workshop and take it with you for your ministry.

The Keys For Living includes a number of citations and references throughout the document. You can use these references for additional research if you wish to go deeper into a particular topic.

When you are ready, click Next Lesson to progress to the Video Lecture lesson, where our team will discuss the core concepts of _____ in detail.

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