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SEPT. 29, 30 & OCT. 1, 2022 | ALLEN, TX

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Who should attend this conference?

Change Makers & People Helpers

Anyone who wants to make a greater impact & grow in their people-helping, relational, and leadership skills.

Pastors & Ministry Leaders

Ministry leaders who need training, encouragement, and community (lay leaders, small group leaders, pastors).

New Life Coaches

Those curious and interested in the field of life coaching (either in ministry, at work, or as a new career).

Experienced Life Coaches

Seasoned life coaches who are looking to enhance their skills, knowledge, and network.

Counselors & Mental Health Professionals

Mental health workers who want to expand their network, skill set, and knowledgebase.

Business Leaders & Professionals

Business leaders looking to integrate their faith into their work and grow as a leader.

Why attend this conference?

With all the challenges of the past few years, you undoubtedly know and can appreciate the importance of meeting together with other believers to be encouraged and equipped for ministry. This conference is a great opportunity for you to get together with like-minded ministry leaders and life coaches to network and receive critical training from sought-after experts in the field of Christian Life Coaching. Here’s a few reasons why you should attend this conference – and tell others about it!

Network with Leaders

Be in community and network with like-minded faith-based leaders, coaches, and professionals.

Personal Growth

Receive top-notch training and resources to enhance your skills for your personal & professional growth.

Greater Impact

Equip yourself with valuable tools to have a more effective, engaging, and impactful ministry.

Customize Your Time

Personalize your conference experience with our numerous options for pre-cons, workshops, intensives, and luncheons.

Hear from the Best

Hear from Nick Vujicic and other sought-after speakers, authors, seasoned ministry leaders, and Christian Life Coaches.

Discover ICCI

Learn all about the brand-new Christian Life Coaching network and meet the core team of trainers, mentors, and instructors at ICCI.

Join the Community

Become part of the fastest-growing network of Christian Life Coaches and receive exclusive member benefits!

Expand Your Career

Discover what a Christian Life Coaching career might look like for you and what steps to take toward becoming a Christian Life Coach.

Credentials & Cert.

Work toward certifications and credentials as a Christian Life Coach.

Continuing Ed Credits

Fulfill continuing education requirements for your career.

Special Discounts

Get exclusive discounts on ICCI membership, courses, credentials, certifications, and more.

Virtual Option Available

Not able to attend in person? No problem! Join us virtually for only $99 and watch online.

Early Bird Pricing Ends May 31!

Attendance Options
  • In-Person Member: $179.00
  • In-Person Non Member: $229.00
  • In-Person Student: $99.00
  • Virtual: $99.00

Cost to Attend

In-Person (Member)

(Deadline: May 31)
At the door: $299.00

Student: $99.00

In-Person (Non Member)

(Deadline: May 31)
At the door: $379.00

Student: $99.00

Virtual Attendance

(Deadline: May 31)
Day-Of Virtual

Keynote Speakers

Nick Vujicic

Founder and CEO, Life Without Limbs; Best-selling Author and World-renowned Speaker

Grant Lottering

Founder, Im’possible Tour; Extreme Endurance Cyclist and International Speaker

Steve Arterburn

New Life Ministries; Best-selling Author and Nat’l Speakers Assoc. Hall of Fame

Alita Reynolds

Foundational Voice, Women of Faith; Author and Host, The Women of Faith Show

Dr. Mark Crear

Founder, In the Zone Coaching & Consulting Group; Two-time Olympic Medalist; Olympic Hall of Fame Member

Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg

Co-founders, The Rosberg Group; Award-winning Authors and Exec. Life and Marriage & Family Coaches

Dr. John Trent

Founder and President, StrongFamilies; Award-winning Author and National Marriage & Family Expert

June Hunt

Founder and Chief Servant Officer, Hope for the Heart; Award-winning Radio Host and Noted Author

Dwight Bain

Founder, LifeWorks Group; Certified Leadership Coach and Nationally Certified Counselor

Michael Bleeker
Conference Praise & Worship

GMA Dove Award Nominee Song Writer
Worship Pastor, Citizens Church in Plano, Texas

Conference Sessions

Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-conference workshops are offered in both the morning and afternoon on Thursday, September 29 and provide select opportunities for more in-depth training and skill development. The pre-conference workshops are three hours in length and the cost to register per workshop is $49.00 – there are ten options to choose from.

Thursday Morning (9:00 am – 12:00 noon) – You may select one of the following:

Choice #1 – 10 Coaching Tools: Growing Your Practice and Transforming Lives
Dwight Bain

Old Tools will not work in new times and understanding the right marketing strategies for a vibrant life coaching practice is essential to your success. Millions of people are talking about the importance of having a coach, so why do so many not have full schedules? It can be frustrating if you were never trained in how to effectively map out a personalized game plan to focus your efforts on building connections to people who need your expertise. If you are tired of waiting for the phone to ring and ready to fulfill your calling and purpose as a life coach, this workshop will provide practical tools to help you get started, grow, and impact more lives.

Choice #2 – Emotional Intelligence: Cornerstone of Effective Coaching
Rita Murray

In this highly interactive and actionable workshop, you will be empowered by insights and best practices gathered from Emotional Quotient (EQ) scholarship and Biblical EQ research. You will discover how EQ skill development is applicable across all five generations of clients through engagement in self-selected small group work and peer coaching to help share best practices. Participants will learn strategies on how to create a 90-day plan to build muscle memory around the critical EQ skills that are central to your coaching success.

Choice #3 – Leadership: Always the Problem and Always the Answer
Steve Lentz

Leaders rarely act in a vacuum. Followers are watching and often take their cues from the actions and language of their leaders. When it comes to organizations, churches, movements or even whole nations, the decisions a senior leader makes can be a tremendous positive and productive force or in some cases, result in chaos and uncertainty. This workshop will focus on tried-and-true principles of leadership that will inspire you to use your influence for maximum impact in the Kingdom of God and as you coach others. Real life stories of success and failure will provide a context to “finish well” and fulfill God’s calling in one’s life journey.

Choice #4 – Transforming Lives at the Speed of Thought: Clinically Proven Tools to Expand Your Coaching Practice
Gary Morais

This workshop offers powerful insights with proven, biblically based tools that were developed over 17 years of private clinical practice and have helped thousands of people. Ten root-source Christlike thinking characteristics will be discussed, along with rapid learning solutions and overcoming client encumbrances such as self-doubt, self-defeating behaviors, and hypersensitivity, which can further lead to fears, anxiety, and much more. The Equipping Profile™ motivates clients with “speed of thought” techniques for rapid healing, providing transformational results and referrals to grow your life coaching practice.

Choice #5 – Blended Not Broken: A Model for Coaching Blended Families
Tim Smith & Christie Meldrim

Over 100 million Americans today have some kind of a step relationship. Blended families are everywhere and yet, we rarely get the perspective of people who have been part of this dynamic. For far too long, the blended family has been characterized as a “broken” family and something less than ideal. The local church has also struggled to find meaningful or relevant long-term ministry solutions beyond basic divorce care and grief recovery. In this workshop, we will provide a solid framework for those who coach blended families, as well as practical tools to help these families grow and become vibrant and productive.

Learning Objectives:

  • Helping blended families build a strong foundation
  • Keys for stepdads
  • What every blended family wished they knew before they became blended

Thursday Afternoon (1:30 pm – 4:30 pm) – You may select one of the following:

Choice #1 – Life Recovery: Repurposed and Forgiven
Steve Arterburn

We have all heard it said that failure is not final, but for too many, it actually is. Every time we walk with a person who is broken by failure, we need to help them find the right path back to the calling and purpose God created them to fulfill. And when we do it well, we lead and encourage the development of a repurposed life, one that is realigned, refocused, and turns failure into a foundation for God’s miraculous transformation. This workshop examines the principles and nuances of the life recovery process, as well as coaching strategies in moving from failure to fulfillment.

Choice #2 – Healing Together: Building and Sustaining a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Racial Reconciliation Model
Dr. Mark Crear

Globally, reconciliation efforts have offered a powerful path toward emotional, social, relational, and cultural healing and progress. Reconciliation requires acknowledging and atoning for wrongs done and seeking forgiveness when appropriate, while also resolving to not repeat the wrongs and working to restore others to full humanity as fellow citizens. Gaining a better understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion, and multicultural competency is imperative to becoming a more effective and productive life coach. This workshop will explore significant concepts, strategies, and interventions to consider when addressing these important areas.

Choice #3 – Resilience God Style: From Cradle to Grave
Maj. Gen. Bob Dees (Ret.)

John 16:33 shares an important truth when Jesus said, “In the world, we will have tribulation, but take courage, I have overcome the world.” Overcoming and resilience have many things in common and resilience is a critical life skill. We are never too young or too old to learn how to better navigate adversity and “bounce” back – to get better, wiser, and stronger through the challenges we may face. Join our journey through key Resilience God Style principles and practices. This workshop examines the phases of the Resilience Life Cycle and how to get upstream ahead of trauma, crisis, and transition. Relevant, biblical truth and coaching strategies will be shared to help clients persevere before, during, and after the storms of life in order to promote individual, leader, and national resilience and restoration.

Choice #4 – Me, Myself, and God: Coaching Below the Surface
Cedric & Michelle White

Mankind can be viewed as a trichotomy: the body (Me), the soul (Myself), and the spirit (God). Redeemed sinners are filled with the Spirit of God and are alive, but unrepentant sinners have a fallen spirit (the spirit of man). The Bible speaks clearly about these distinct parts of a person in 1 Thessalonians 5:23 (NIV), “May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” This workshop examines the important elements of this trichotomy and how they impact personal and spiritual growth, change, and the life coaching process.

Choice #5 – Building Breakthroughs for You and Your Clients: Five Essential Life Tools
Kim Levings

Imagine having control of your life and waking up every day with clarity of focus, positive energy, and a purpose-driven mindset. Imagine being able to offer the same to your clients. As we provide personal development principles in any format, the outcomes can be exponential when built on a solid foundation of core life tools. In this presentation, Kim provides a coach’s perspective on the five foundational life tools she teaches in her “Build Your Breakthrough” workshop. Interactive discussion and application ideas are included that address the principles of Level Your Mindset, Drill into Focus, Glue in Habits, Connect through Relationships, and Use What You Have. Self-evaluation exercises and group work for further exploration are integrated throughout the session.

Workshop offerings coming soon. Workshops are included in the general conference registration. You will be able to choose from 24 workshop offerings.

Life Coaching Intensives offer attendees the opportunity to complete an entire specialization course currently offered through ICCI’s video-based learning platform, but in a live setting and with the same instructors. The training can then be used for certification and credentialing purposes. Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of their Intensive.

When choosing an Intensive, in order to fulfill the required number of contact hours, all pre-conference and regular workshop sessions/time slots will be incorporated into the Intensive (except the 4th workshop session on Saturday afternoon). The cost to register for an Intensive is $99.00 – there are four tracks to choose from.

Track #1 – Women’s Coaching
Alita Reynolds

Spiritual health and vitality are a frequent focus when coaching women. Understanding blind spots and root problems, facing issues of identity and significance, and creating needed discipline are all critical factors. This Intensive offers insightful tools and strategies that explore what it means to have a vibrant relationship with God, how to grow in Him, and have the right focus in life.

Track #2 – Transformed Living
Rolfe & Lea Carawan

Growing healthy interpersonal relationships in everyday life begins by first strengthening one’s relationship with God as it flows out of their principals, instructions, and personal convictions. This Intensive reviews the core foundations of the Transformed Living Model and how to effectively coach others to attain personal victories, create life-giving relationships, and ensure fruitful families.

Track #3 – Marriage Coaching
Dr. Gary & Barb Rosberg

Marriage Coaching is one of the most needed and sought after people helping services by countless couples. Join longtime marriage experts and learn essential principles to develop greater skill and competency. This Intensive explores various phases and models, the fundamentals of marital communication and intimacy, helpful assessments, and how to navigate stress and crises.

Track #4 – Life Mapping
Dr. John Trent & Kari Stageberg

Learn what it means to come alongside your clients by helping them experience breakthroughs with a hopeful future and by maximizing their strengths and potential. This Intensive focuses on the relationships through the Connect Assessment and explores a proven model millions have used to have a better understanding on the significance of receiving the “Blessing.”

Interact with colleagues and hear from a seasoned expert during an interactive gathering over the lunch break – tickets are $39.00 and include a plated lunch.

Friday, September 30 – Choice #1
The Heart of Coaching with Master Coach Steve Lentz, JD, Esq.
Specialty areas include Ministry/Pastoral Leadership, Legal and Liability Issues, Non-profit and For-profit Law and Incorporation

Friday, September 30 – Choice #2
The Heart of Coaching with Master Coach Maj. Gen Bob Dees (Ret.)
Specialty areas include Leadership, Resilience, Military/Veterans, Crisis and Trauma

Saturday, October 1 – Choice #1
The Heart of Coaching with Master Coach Dr. Rita Murray
Specialty areas include Executive Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Generational Differences, Myers-Briggs and other Assessments

Saturday, October 1 – Choice #2
The Heart of Coaching with Master Coaches Rev. Cedric and Michelle White
Specialty areas include Marriage Enrichment, Separation and Divorce, and Blended Families

Conference Schedule

8:00–9:00am Check-In & Late Registration

9:00am–12:00pm Morning Pre-Conference Workshops / Intensives

12:00–1:30pm Lunch Break

1:30–4:30pm Afternoon Pre-Conference Workshops / Intensives

4:30–6:15pm Dinner Break, Check-In, and Late Registration (Exhibit Hall Open)

6:15–8:30pm Opening Plenary Session #1

8:00–9:30am Workshop Session #1 / Intensives

9:30–10:15am Break

10:15am–12:30pm Plenary Session #2

12:30–2:00pm Lunch Break & Ticketed Lunch Events

2:00–3:30pm Workshop Session #2 / Intensives

3:30–4:15pm Break

4:15–6:30pm Plenary Session #3

6:30–8:00pm Dinner Break (Exhibit Hall Open)

8:00–9:30am Workshop Session #3 / Intensives

9:30–10:15am Break

10:15am–12:30pm Plenary Session #4

12:30–1:45pm Lunch Break & Ticketed Lunch Events

1:45–3:15pm Workshop Session #4

3:15–3:45pm Break

3:45–5:00pm Closing Plenary Session

Early Bird Pricing Ends May 31!

Attendance Options
  • In-Person Member: $179.00
  • In-Person Non Member: $229.00
  • In-Person Student: $99.00
  • Virtual: $99.00

Hotel Info

Delta Hotels by Marriott Dallas Allen
777 Watters Creek Boulevard
Allen, TX 75013 

Special conference hotel pricing available

What is ICCI?

The International Christian Coaching Institute is a dynamic, faith-based network of Christian Life Coaches dedicated to serving others with compassion and competence. ICCI coaches use biblical principles to assist clients in setting and achieving their goals through a collaborative partnership that addresses the whole person.

ICCI offers an opportunity to network with like-minded servant-leaders, receive masterclass quality online training, and pursue certifications and credentials as a Christian Life Coach. The mission of ICCI is to bring life and living into focus and to maximize each person’s God-given potential.

“One thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead,
I press onward toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”
(Philippians 3:13–14 NASB)

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